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Circle of Animals, LLC

Providing Options and Guidance


Dr. Amy Norton

Welcome to the Circle of Animals veterinary practice. We offer both in-home services and in-clinic appointments. Our in-home mobile veterinary service area includes the foothills and the west side of Denver. Dr. Amy Norton has 31 years of veterinary experience working with all types of animals. She specializes in providing options and guiding you through them to help you create the best, individualized plan for you and your pets.

Services Include:


P.O. Box 1266

Evergreen, CO 80437


Phone: (303) 653-8388


Service area includes Evergreen, Conifer, Indian Hills, Littleton, Ken Caryl, Bailey, Pine and Idaho Springs


Please call or email with any questions. Some questions are complex and require more than can be addressed via e-mail so Dr. Norton may call you to discuss your concern.


Thank you for your inquiries.